12 Key Tips for Scoutmasters

12 suggestions that many wish they would have had as a new Scoutmaster:

  1. Inspire the boys. Always have something prepared as a Scoutmaster to share with them to promote their desire to succeed. Make sure meetings are planned (by the boys) and if a Scoutmaster or assistant master is doing some part of the activity they need to be very prepared. The boys read right through a Scoutmaster who is not.
  2. Get them moving on their advancement. They will stay involved if they earn ranks and awards.
  3. Don't be afraid to discipline to maintain order. However, discipline correctly. Do not abuse in any way. Try and use the leaders of the troop to keep order. 
  4. Get them out of the classroom. They love to hike, tour, swim, explore, etc. The faster you can get them to First Class the more they will enjoy scouts because they are able to be active in the more advanced activities.
  5. Uniforms are a must.
  6. Watch the "Fast Start" videos.
  7. Follow the counsel of the Scoutmaster's Handbook.
  8. Regularly attend Round Table.
  9. Hold Courts of Honor every two to three months.
  10. Get help. Do not do this on your own. Whether you are a new, seasoned, assistant or main Scoutmaster be sure to delegate as needed. Give the boys responsibility; that is the purpose of the Boy Scouts.
  11. Make sure the boys meet frequently to plan meetings and activities. They need to mature and grow into the positions and pull their weight.
  12. Campouts are awesome for growth.

The more prepared (interesting, the motto applies to leaders too) we are the more we will enjoy it. If the boys are properly trained and guided the Scoutmasters can really enjoy the time. The stress decreases and we become more cultured.



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