Boy Scout Activity Ideas

Boy Scouts will find the BSA program to be a grand adventure. They have a chance to feel important among peers and to a group as well as learn a ton by way of leadership, civil skills, being prepared, and other important principles. 

Check out these activity ideas:

Planning Your Scout Activity

When planning Activities and Fund Raisers be creative (and safe) with your troop. Planning is the primary key to being successful in any activity. Spend the right time doing it right once and you won't need to worry about redoing it later.

Boy Scout Activities


Spend a night or two or more in the great outdoors.

Most scouts love to camp. Get out frequently (once a month is a good goal). The key to a successful campout is a great plan and plenty of preparation. Make sure the scouts are able to be active, appropriately dressed, and challenged. Be safe and come up with as many activities as you can. Also, earn as many awards as is wise for the particular campout.


Find museums, trails, government buildings, schools, and other sites of interest. Schedule a tour so the boys can explore and ask many questions. Often it is good to achieve two things on a tour: help the boys achieve some requirement for advancement; create an activity that will keep them active. As an example a troop toured a wildlife museum and were required to answer the questions on a scavenger hunt. They were able to find everything needed for their 2nd Class rank.

Day Outings

Use a Saturday to do a hike or some activity where the boys are away from the city. Be sure that there is a planned activity and that it focuses on advancement. Then, allow the boys some free time to explore.

Paint Ball

Find an arena or outdoor area where boys may use paintball guns to play. Make sure to acquire the appropriate permission for this activity. Also make sure all scouts are dressed and protected appropriately.

Service Outing

Find organizations or individuals who have special needs. Plan, budget, and set goals for the boys to accomplish their task. Be sure the boys understand the outcome of their task or project. Who will benefit?, why is it important?, etc.

Visit Philmont

Visit a major camp sponsored by the Boy Scouts or other affiliates. Plan extremely well. Preparation will make the adventure successful. Have goals in mind of what is to be accomplished.

National Scout Jamboree

The Scout program provides a huge opportunity for boys to see the unity of the organization. Many of the national jamborees are in Washington D.C. Use fundraisers to accumulate the funds for the trip.  Prepare many months (maybe years) in advance. Train the boys and attend the preparation events provided by your council.

Food Drive

Thousands of tons of food are collected every year by the Boy Scout program.  Contact your local food bank if your council doesn't already run a food drive.

Elderly Service Day

Establish a day in your troop to help out in a rest home or help individuals in need of assistance. Help the boys understand why they are serving. Help them become acquainted with those they work with. Use activities where the boys can teach a new skill or learn a new skill.

Fishing Expedition

Find a lake or stream the boys have chosen to visit and fish. Many times the boys don't understand why they might need a license or why there are limits or why certain lures may be used. Explain to them the importance of environment conservation. Cook up a fish over an appropriate camp fire as well so they learn survival skills.

Rafting Trip

Take a guided rafting trip on a well known river. Only take adventure scouts. Make sure the trip is guided. Make sure the boys are properly outfitted and understand what the safety procedures are for the situation.


Ride a trail fitting of the skill of the lower skilled riders. Take care to ensure that those on the ride can all ride the trail. The more advanced scouts will find ways to try themselves. Make sure to have all the safety gear needed.


Fundraising is a difficult thing. Always be sure the purchaser or donator knows that it is the Boy Scouts who are benefiting from the proceeds. Here are some ideas you may try to raise funds for your troop:

Car Wash

Set up a multi-day car wash.  Advertise ahead of time. Plan out the activity well. Find ways to advertise during the event. Use a high traffic area. Be sure to know what codes and laws pertain to the use of the soap and other materials used.

Flag Posting

Choose 4-6 holidays to post flags for families in the area. Flags can be purchased in bulk from a variety of stores (i.e. Walmart, Colonial Flags, Sears, etc.) Contact families or organizations who will pay an annual fee for the scouts to post the flags. At each holiday, early in the morning the scouts post the flags at the local predetermined and at night the scouts gather them up again. Be prompt and accurate.

Food Sales

Use bake sales or cookie sales. Some troops may be able to sell cookies or other goods door to door. Be professional, be honest, and contact as many people as possible.

Scout Dinner

Charge $50/60 per couple at a scout dinner.  Have the boys prepare and serve the meal. Make it very high class in nature. Give awards to the boys who sell the most tickets to the dinner. Any tips are collected for the group. Choose multiple entrees. Have as many food donations as possible.  

Power Rake/Lawn Mower

Clean and manicure lawns. Rent or purchase used equipment that can be used to care for yards in the area. Make sure that the equipment is safe and that those using it are trained and dressed properly. Contact council members for specifics on requirements.



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