Responsibilities of Boy Scout Parents and Guardians

Believe it or not the parents have as great or greater role in the success of their scout as the scoutmaster. Scoutmasters are often counseled in round table meetings that their boy advancement responsibilities are primarily to get the boys to the rank of First Class. Secondarily they are responsible for providing means for them to acquire merit badges for the advanced ranks. Many parents are pr...


Parents Helping a Boy Scout Troop

Organizations benefit a great deal from the resources a parent can provide as well. Well-presented ideas, quality time, and financial aids promote the success of a troop a great deal. There are many needs in a scout troop. If you are interested in helping within a troop but do not have a son involved your services and resources are still very welcome. Here are some ways you can help: Sponsor a s...


Tips for Parents of Boy Scouts

Parents of Boy Scouts play a huge role in the progress and success of their son. In fact, most parents don't know that they are THE key to a boys progress within the organization. Scout leaders are can only do so much. It is the family, particularly the parents who make the experience accomplishable. So, now your son(s) is (are) very active in a troop. What do you do next to help them along...


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