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The organization of the Boy Scout program is key to its success. There is significant support, advice, and aid for local units.

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The BSA is all about the development of young men into honorable, honest, valuable young men. Boys in the Scouting program should look to be adventurous, have fun, grow, learn, and make awesome relationships with other scouts and leaders. Advancing in rank is important but it is the vehicle to helping a Scout develop crucial values and views on life. Boys will be successful who put their heart into the Scouting program.


Although many may not understand it, parents are the most critical element of a young man's success in the Boy Scout program. They should motivate, support, and stay up-to-speed on their boy's progress. If the parents catch the vision of what needs to happen in the program they will be able to play a huge role in a Scout's progress towards Eagle. See the section on what parents can do to help.


A troop consists of a number of boys and adult leaders. The troop is generally defined by some physical boundaries or the boundaries of some other organization like a church group.

Leadership in the troop is important. The boys are to run the troop with the council and guidance of the adult leaders. 

Troops are broken up into patrols which are mini units of organization. Each patrol has a Patrol leader as well as boys serving other leadership positions. Patrols report to the troop leadership which consists of Senior Patrol Leaders, etc.

The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters are available to aid in the progress of the troop and the advancement of the individual boys.


Little known to many is the importance of a troop committee. The committee consists of adults striving to support the troop and the development of the boys. They meet monthly or weekly depending on need to discuss troop finances, inventory, transportation, permission slips, advancement, etc. Typically members of the committee will be appointed to look over one specific area of the troop. When events or trips are organized they work closely with the Scoutmaster and the Senior Patrol Leader to make sure things run smoothly.

BSA organization (District/Council)

The official organization of the BSA provides huge resources in direction and ideas for a successful troop. Commonly the District and Council will sponsor events and provide training. The local troop should look to participate in as many larger events as possible. Often many merit badges and other forms of advancement can be earned at these functions.

Find your local Council Office:

 Local Council Office


The boys are to learn how to function within the community, globally and locally. They interact frequently with members of the community during their activities and merit badge requirements. The boys also may ask for funds from people within the community usually by having some type of fundraiser. It is important that the troop in an area be aware of their impact on the community and function as a service group as often as possible to maintain good standing with the public.



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