Parents Helping a Boy Scout Troop

Organizations benefit a great deal from the resources a parent can provide as well. Well-presented ideas, quality time, and financial aids promote the success of a troop a great deal.

There are many needs in a scout troop. If you are interested in helping within a troop but do not have a son involved your services and resources are still very welcome. Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Sponsor a scout. Many scouts are under privileged and while most troops try to be self sufficient there are activities and equipment that some scouts may not be able to afford. Find a scout who is less fortunate and sponsor his activities. Be sure to maintain some type of accountability so that the boy progresses and the resources you provide are not wasted. 
  2. Financially assisting a troop, council, or fund raiser is a huge help to the scouts. Be generous when they come around.
  3. Serve on a committee or as an adult leader. It is not a requirement to have a boy be part of a troop to serve with them. Feel free to approach a leader to offer help. Share with them what your talents and specialties are and you likely will be placed in a needed position in the troop or organization.



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