Responsibilities of Boy Scout Parents and Guardians


Believe it or not the parents have as great or greater role in the success of their scout as the scoutmaster. Scoutmasters are often counseled in round table meetings that their boy advancement responsibilities are primarily to get the boys to the rank of First Class. Secondarily they are responsible for providing means for them to acquire merit badges for the advanced ranks. Many parents are probably thinking "hmmmm" right now in this article. Well, several things can help you understand your role. 

  1. First off, it is your son participating in the program. It is not a babysitting clinic; nor is it manners school. It is a program for boys to gain experience in many different walks of life, learn self reliance, and learn to become leaders or followers as appropriate. Help your son(s) understand what scouting is all about and provide a home where principles of scouting are already lived.
  2. Learn about the program. Read your scout's books. Study on the net. Learn how to contact a merit badge counselor so acquiring badges comes natural. Understand what the ranks mean and what is needed to move up through them. Learn how to provide what is needed once the scout is to First Class
  3. Ask the scout leaders (adult leaders) what you can do to help the troop. There are nearly always roles that go unfilled in a troop.
  4. Offer transportation or other resources to the troop.
  5. You may not always agree with an adult leader. Privately discuss the other options with him and then let him do his job and make the decision. Unless he is putting a boy or group in danger don't interfere with the final decision.
  6. Make scouting an exciting topic within the household. The boys don't always want to go or may lose interest but it is certain that they will be much better off for participating in the program. Help motivate them.
  7. Donate financially to the official program. Much support is needed to keep councils and other organizations running. If you have means, donate to the cause.
  8. Have fun yourself. Scouting is meant to be adventurous. Serve and grow with your boys!

Once scouter recently said, "If it wasn't for my mother and her wanting to see me get done with the program and get my eagle I wouldn't have gotten it. She helped me a lot."



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