Role of a Scout Master

The goal of placing scouts in leadership positions is to allow them an opportunity to grow and succeed. The reason that leadership positions are required in scouts is to provide the boys the training that is needed in adulthood. The boys should be responsible for the election of their boy leaders. Scoutmasters can assist in the selection process by providing guidance and council. The Senior patrol leader position should be filled with an older, responsible boy. The selection of leaders for a troop or scouting organization is not a popularity contest or a political arena.

Here are some tips that may assist in the Scoutmaster guidance during leader election:

  1. Older boys usually do best as the Senior leaders including Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, and assistants. This does not mean that it is not good for a troop to follow a younger leader. Sometimes everyone grows when a leader needs to stretch.
  2. Look for interests from boy to boy.
  3. Do not pigeon-hole a boy. Make sure they all get a chance to lead in some capacity and that they are changed about every 6 months. Sometimes the boys may choose the leaders. Make sure the senior leaders are chosen by the Scoutmasters and that a challenge and invitation are specially extended.
  4. Sometimes the best discipline for a boy is responsibility where others depend on his example.



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