Scout Master Aids

Understand that there are many resources available to Scoutmasters. There are many ways to get ideas, help, expertise, and guidance (also see the Links page):

  1. Watch the "Fast Start" videos.
  2. Attend Round Table as often as it is held.
  3. Get trained by your council.
  4. Contact your council leaders. Whoever asked you to become a leader will know how to contact the council.
  5. Usually we are asked to be a leader by some organization sponsoring the program. They are invaluable in assisting.
  6. Contact the committee chair or his assistants (again whoever asked you to become a leader will help get you in contact with this individual(s).
  7. Scoutmaster Handbook.
  8. Boy Scout Handbook.
  9. Field Handbook.
  10. Boy Scout Requirements Handbook.
  11. Scoutmaster's Binder (get this at the closest council store).
  12. Make use of merit badge counselors.



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