Tips for Parents of Boy Scouts

Parents of Boy Scouts play a huge role in the progress and success of their son. In fact, most parents don't know that they are THE key to a boys progress within the organization. Scout leaders are can only do so much. It is the family, particularly the parents who make the experience accomplishable. 

So, now your son(s) is (are) very active in a troop. What do you do next to help them along?

  1. Stay in frequent contact with the troop leaders. Stay on top of what progress is being made.
  2. Learn what your responsibilities are and stay active in accomplishing them.
  3. Car pool to activities with another family.
  4. Stay excited about the program.
  5. Don't do requirements for your scout or fudge on the requirements. They will never learn if they do not own up to their responsibilities.
  6. Provide a worthwhile reward for a scout who achieves the rank of eagle.
  7. Help scout save money for gear, uniforms, and activities.
  8. Live a scout life yourself (including principles, laws and oaths).
  9. If possible, donate resources to the cause.



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