Boy Scout Master Ideas and Help

Find out what your boys like. They will be much more active if they get to do things that they love and get rewarded for it. This does not mean to say they must always like scouts. They will learn to enjoy many things. However, if it is possible to tailor an activity to something the enjoy they will be much more open about it. 

Here are some ideas for activities they may plan:

  1. Head to the hills (or desert, or plains, or the bush, or whatever applies to your area). The boys love to camp generally and grow tremendously by getting out and leading one another.
  2. Swim
  3. Keep them active. Sports are a great way to keep their energy level manageable.
  4. Visit museums.
  5. Tour government facilities. They need to understand how the government works as part of their duties.
  6. Serve, serve, serve. Help the elderly, the community, or the organization you are affiliated with.
  7. Build. They find great satisfaction in creating something for some obvious practical purpose.

Scoutmaster Training

The Boy Scout organization has established various means of adult leadership training. Find out from your council when and where you may participate in the following programs. 

  • Round Table - adult leaders congregate in a meeting normally directed by the council. It is extremely valuable. Attend regularly (usually monthly). 
  • Leader Training - leaders should attend the multiple session leader training required by the Scout organization. You will receive a "Trained" patch upon completion.



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