Scout Master Objectives

The position of a scout leader is very rewarding and full of adventure. This program is all about training young men important life skills so they can be successful. Many leaders may feel very under-experienced and may even feel clueless regarding scouting goals, objectives, and the resources that are available. The great news is that there is tons of aid and training for Scoutmasters too. 

Objectives of Scoutmasters

  1. Serve as a counselor and support and leader.

  2. Train the boys to lead and follow one another as the time is appropriate. Our responsibility is to aid the boys in preparation and progress. We are primarily responsible for their advancement as a scout until they have reached First Class. Once that has occurred the parents and patrols are responsible to support them to eagle and beyond.

  3. Maintain high quality of morals and standards while in their presence or away from it.

Scoutmaster Position Description

  • Train and guide boy leaders to run their troop.

  • Work with and through responsible adults to bring Scouting to boys.

  • Help boys grow by encouraging them to learn for themselves.

  • Guide boys in planning the troop program.

  • Help the troop committee recruit assistant Scoutmasters.

  • Conduct Scoutmaster conferences.



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